Management Committee

Club Chairman: Maurice Dunk

Club Vice Chairman: Ken Medwyn

President: Alan Crowshaw

Vice Presidents: Tania & Andy Spice, Alan Barty

Senior Club Secretary: John Pitts, email:

Senior Fixture Secretary:  Colin Page, email:

Treasurer: John Pitts

Head of Youth and Development: David Brown mob: 07795 465 384; email:

Other Committee Members:

Alan Barty (In charge of works) 

Colin Page (Also Assistant Treasurer)

John Cooper (Commercial)

Danny Appleton (Turnstile Manager)

Peter Pitts 


Club Welfare Officer: Paul Allen

Programme Editor: Peter Pitts

Supporters Club Rep: Vacant

Web Site / Media: Peter Pitts / Tony Rickson

Stadium Announcer: Peter Pitts

Boardroom Hosts

Sandra Pitts

Carol Cooper


Lottery Secretary: Hilary Joines

Groundsman: Roger Pudner

Player Management

Manager: Nick Davis

Assistant Manager: Tony Cornwell

Coaches: Damien Hopkins, Jono Richardson

Team Assistant: Warren ChambersHarry Chambers

Physio:  Tom Martin

Under 21 Managers: John Embury, Jermaine Darlington

Under 21 Coach: Phil Wisson

Supporters Club

Supporters Club Chairman: Paul Joines

Supporters Club Vice Chairmen: Mark Broad

Supporters Club Secretary: Christine Lowe / Ryan Golding

Supporters Club Membership Secretary:  Faye Goatham

Entertainment: Gemma Ann Joines, Mel Naylor

Other Supporters Club Committee Members:  Jason Goodman, Chris Joines, Paul Golding, Nigel Paul Jones